We constantly test the work of our programs. The experience gained in the process allows us to develop an increasingly intuitive interface and obtain stability in the work of the program. One of the most important points to which we pay particularly close attention is the degree of data protection. We can confidently say that our programs and add-ons have a very high degree of protection and are optimized to work on the most ordinary hardware.


CING system is a software product that provides efficient processing of enterprise data and allows to increase the efficiency of rolling process management. Through the use of modern heuristic algorithms, CING is able to provide calculation, prediction and adjustment of virtually any parameter of the hot-rolled mill, based on aggregate data on the technological process at the appropriate time.

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The Elemental Management system (ElMan) allows you to manage the material flows of mineral resources and take into account their composition throughout the entire process conversion process from mining to production of the final product. The system can be implemented both in new production and existing ones. The system allows to significantly improve the quality of the final product and optimize the process.

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