Analysis of bulk materials

The high productivity of modern enterprises and the depletion of the raw material base reduce the quality of the raw materials used and complicate the technological process in an optimal manner. The problem of operational and objective management is particularly acute in large-scale production using materials that are heterogeneous and changeable in chemical and mineralogical composition (ore, coal, charge materials and charge) for their technological process.

Our company offers various solutions for the elemental analysis of bulk materials on the conveyor.

In-line conveyor analyzers of elemental composition provide accurate analysis of the composition of materials throughout the embankment or on its surface. Continuous measurement of the concentration of the elemental composition allows us to simplify the control circuit and speed up the reaction to fluctuations in the elemental composition of the raw material.


    The NITA II flow analyzer allows you to accurately determine the content of elements in bulk solids on a conveyor belt.

    Concentrations of elements can be presented in oxide form or data about them can be displayed as information about the simplest compounds.

    You can remotely access, monitor and control the analyzer to provide remote support and diagnostics.

    The analyzer can be supplied with additional modules that control the composition of the product and bulk density. All components are combined directly at the installation site of the system and connected to the enterprise’s process control system.

  • XRF

    The 400 series X-ray fluorescence analyzer uses an adapted and well-known X-Ray fluorescence analysis method used in laboratories and industries in many countries around the world. This allows continuous monitoring of the physical composition of the coal or ores for effective control and organization of feedback.

    For example, the analyzer can be used to analyze materials whose elements have serial numbers> 12, for example, Cu, Fe, Ni, Ti, PGM, Cr, Mn, Al, Ag, Au, and others.

    The device can be used directly on the conveyor belt, without sampling.

  • Non-isotope

    Following the wishes of customers, an ash content analyzer for coal on a conveyor belt was developed, the principle of which is based on the analysis of the natural background radiation of coal.

    The analyzer does not contain sources of ionizing radiation and does not require obtaining special permits from Rostechnadzor.

    The device is used for installation in places where the operator only needs data on the ash content of the product.


    High accuracy of ash content measurement among competitors in non-isotope technology

    There is a version of DUO, which allows to additionally measure the moisture, mass flow and calorific value of coal

    Availability of individually manufactured isolation from background gamma radiation to improve measurement accuracy

    Multichannel scintillation detector unit with temperature PID control

    Convenient access to the detector unit for maintenance

    Non-contact flow measurement without friction and wear parts

    The ability to remotely calibrate the analyzer via the 3G communication protocol

    Convenient touch screen analyzer control menu

  • Humidity

    The Ashscan Duo Ashscan Duo Ash & Moisture Analyzer has been specifically designed to provide the perfect combination of ease of installation and low instrument cost. It not only provides more accurate results than conventional labor-intensive methods, but also provides real-time information. The content of ash and moisture content is constantly updated to allow the control room operators to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner to optimize the process. The high performance of the Ash and Humidity Analyzer allows it to be used in harsh conditions.


    • Fast, real-time results;
    • No need for a traditional sampling method;
    • Lack of sample preparation and analysis;
    • Available industry standard interface;
    • Designed as an all-metal construction for accurate monitoring of moisture and ash content of coal;
    • Patented radiation measurement technology for coal ash.

    Performance Features:

    • Conveyor width ~ standard width 1400 mm
    • Conveyor belt speed ~ unlimited
    • Maximum size of coal analyzed ~ up to 400 mm, standard
    • Coal thickness ~ 20-400mm (depending on the grade of coal)
    • Measurement range:
      1. Moisture ~ 0-50%
      2. Ash content ~ 0-100%
    • Measurement time ~ instant data acquisition; reading time is user selectable
    • Instrumental accuracy of readings:
      ~ Ash content of ordinary coal: +/- 0.9%
      ~ Ash content of enriched coal: +/- 0.6%
      ~ Moisture: 0.3% with a data range of 1%.