The measurement systems for particle size distribution make it possible to perform in-line contactless analysis of the particle size distribution of products on conveyors, in places of overfilling and during transportation on loaders. The principle of operation of the systems is based on the processing of product images obtained using cameras installed at points where it is necessary to control product size classes.

To obtain a particle size distribution, special algorithms are used to divide the image into fragments and present this information in the form of graphs reflecting the percentage of granules of various sizes in the total volume of the product. If necessary, the measurement results can be represented as a time dependence of the composition of the product, and in a form similar to the results of screen analysis.

  • In Flow

    The Momentum particle size measurement system (granulometer) is an automated system for nondestructive analysis of the particle size distribution of products on a conveyor belt or in places of overflows. The system is suitable for the stages of large, medium and fine crushing and provides constant monitoring of the size of the product and the work of the crushing equipment with the ability to save reports.

    The principle of operation of the granulomer is based on measuring the size of the granules of the material and the formation of statistical data on the number of granules of various sizes. This assessment is carried out by analyzing information about the material on a conveyor belt coming from one of the optical image processing units (control points) to a single workstation for collecting information. Each station can support up to 16 control points, thus providing centralized control of materials at different sites.

  • sampling

    The system of mechanical particle size analysis of ore and other bulk materials, is designed to accurately determine the mass percentage in the ore fractions of specified size classes in automatic mode.

    The system is individually designed for a specific application and has the ability to select the required size classes of ore and other bulk materials, such as a sampler, and also provides an opportunity for further sample preparation and analysis of the selected material.

    Examples of effective use:

    • determination of the particle size distribution in case of layer-by-layer loading of bulk material on a conveyor from different crushers (with a sequential installation scheme of crushing equipment relative to the conveyor);
    • determination of particle size distribution when loading the conveyor with dissimilar materials / obtained from different sources;
    • the need for automatic correction of optical granulometers.
  • ore pass

    The particle size meter of the R series is a ready-made system for monitoring the contents of mining trucks when they are unloaded - it allows you to quickly and reliably determine the particle size distribution of the product with high accuracy and save the results in the enterprise database.

    Control of the granulation of the incoming material (ore, coal)

    Blasting quality control

    The particle size meter consists of a camera, infrared illumination and a flash. Also, the granulomer is equipped with a laser range finder, which allows you to determine the presence of a dump truck, which eliminates false positives.

    RFID tags may be included for vehicle inspection. Moreover, the granulomer can use the existing labeling system in the enterprise.

    Application features

    • Filming takes place during the entire unloading process, high-precision layer-by-layer analysis of the product
    • Organization of quality control of blasting and incoming material
    • Contactless measuring method
    • Non-destructive method
    • The absence of any harmful radiation for workers (the system uses an infrared lighting system)
    • Objective quantitative assessment
    • Real time results
    • Low installation and maintenance costs