Thickness gauges

These systems for measuring the thickness of the rolling profile in dynamics are used to control the quality of rolled products. The principle of operation of thickness gauges is based on the detection of the intensity of X-ray radiation that passes through the material being measured during the rolling process. This system includes a frame on which X-ray sensors on one side are rigidly fixed, as well as detectors that are located on the other side. All information is sent to a connected computer, in which further processing of the data takes place.

In this section, not all thickness gauge models that we have are presented are presented.

The system for measuring the thickness of the hot rolled strip RT-1A-7K

  • РТ-1А-7К 1Т
  • РТ-1А-7К 3Т
  • РТ-1А-7К Профиль
  • РТ-1А-7К Скан

Cold rolled IT-3A-7K thickness measurement system

  • IT3A7K