Ultrasonic point level measurement technology


The Time Gate time selector method is to excite a transmitting crystal on one side of the measurement gap and register a signal with the receiving crystal on the opposite side. Since the high-frequency ultrasonic signal propagates in liquid media better than in gaseous media, the presence of liquid is determined by the propagation of ultrasound in the measuring gap.

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Ultrasonic continuous level measurement technology

The basic principle of level measurement using ultrasound is the assumption that the speed of sound in air remains constant with increasing temperature - 344.1 m / s at 20 ° C.

A piezoelectric crystal located in an LS type sensor body converts an electrical signal into a series of

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Neutron dispersion technology

Hydrogen has the unique ability to absorb fast neutron energy much more than other elements. When any substance containing hydrogen is irradiated with fast neutrons, hydrogen atoms absorb their energy and create thermal neutrons (low energy neutrons). The number of neutrons slowed down for thermal energy is directly proportional to the concentration of hydrogen atoms, which means that the density of the substance.

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