System "Chameleon-1КА"

The system "Chameleon-1KA" can significantly improve the quality and reduce the cost of products due to the constant automatic metering of consumption and properties of coatings, stabilizing the coating thickness and reducing paint consumption, control the mode of application depending on the properties of the coating and the characteristics of rolled products, perform input quality control of liquid LKM and output quality control applied LKP.

System Chameleon-1КА

The core of the Chameleon-1KA system accounting module is a database in which all properties of paint and varnish materials are recorded from the moment the material was manufactured by the manufacturer. This database is complemented by the properties of paintwork materials measured during the process.

The database contains information on the number of paintwork materials of a particular type, its consumption. Due to the fact that the database stores all information about the properties and quantity of coatings, the user can at any time obtain a summary of the data on consumption or receipt of any material for the required period of time, learn about possible losses, analyze the reasons for the difference between the planned coverage characteristics and the actual ones work to improve the quality of finished products and economical use of materials. Depending on the organization of the process of applying paint coating materials to the application devices, the composition of the proposed technical means may vary.

  • Application

    • Continuous monitoring of the process of preparing paintwork materials for application
    • Measuring the viscosity and temperature of paintwork in preparation for use at the application site and comparing the quality of paintwork with passport data
    • Permanent record of the amount spent LKM
    • Calculation of the optimal mode of application of polymer coatings (PP), based on the required thickness and properties of paintwork
    • Automatic control of the coater to maintain a given thickness of the dry paint layer
    • Continuous automatic control of the thickness of the wet layer of PP separate for the soil and finishing coating
    • Calculation and prediction of dry coating thickness after drying, as well as PP consumption under specified process conditions
    • Archiving and processing of measured data, providing reports for the reporting period
  • Benefits

    • Measurement of the characteristics of the LKS applied to the coater
    • Continuous automatic accounting of the amount of paint consumed
    • Accurate measurement of wet layer thickness
    • Using a mathematical tool to predict dry layer thickness
    • Stabilization of the dry coating thickness within 1 micron
    • Independent determination of soil thickness and topcoat
  • Composition

    • LKM Accounting Module
    • Block for determining the volatile content of non-volatile substances (CAS)
    • Wet layer thickness control module
    • Dry layer thickness control module
  • Files

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