System "IТ-3А-7К"

IT cold rolled thickness gauge 3A-7K - this is the latest domestic development, not inferior in their characteristics to foreign analogs. The system carries effective quality control products from the beginning to the end of the roll, providing information longitudinal or transverse profile strip thickness.

IT 3A-7K is the following generation of measurement systems thicknesses of flat products that successfully operated on metallurgical enterprises in Russia for many years.

System IТ-3А-7К

Sustainable and reliable thickness measurement rolled products due to the use of isotopic technology based on an ionizing source Amrad1 or Cs-137 and reliable ionization chamber.
High precision IT-3 thickness measurement system A-7K provides non-contact, high-speed measurement along the central longitudinal axis stripes. The measurement is based on the principle the attenuation of gamma radiation during the passage him through the material. To measure the transverse A scanning measuring unit is available for the profile.
The measuring unit is designed as a C-frame, having a modular design that provides easy access to the main nodes and blocks for ease of maintenance and adjustment.
For reverse rolling mills possible applying a configuration where two measuring unit connected to one electronics cabinet.

  • Application

    • Continuous Cold Rolling Mills
    • Cold Rolling Mills
    • Training mills
    • Slitting Machines
    • Cross cutting machines
    • Preparatory Production Units
    • Grading Units
    • Other Process Equipment
  • Benefits

    • Steel C-frame to size customer
    • Alloy composition compensation
    • Communication with rolling mill computer by any modern protocols
    • The interface adapts to specific customer requirements
    • System Diagnostic Map
    • Weld Detection
  • Composition

    Conventionally, this system can be divided into five blocks:

    • Measuring unit
    • S-Rama
    • Control cabinet
    • Workstation
    • Software

  • Files

    In this section you can find the programs you are interested in, as well as more sizeable information on this solution.

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