Metallurgical industry

Operational analysis of flat products on hot and cold rolling mills allows you to manage the process in real time. The non-contact Radiometrie series thickness gauge systems we offer provide continuous information on strip thickness, coating thickness, transverse and longitudinal strip profile, edge profile, flatness, flatness, strip width, strip speed and temperature.

Ore yard

  • optimization of accounting of incoming bulk materials ElMan
  • Control of materials shipped for the process ElMan
  • accounting for bulk materials in the ore yard ElMan

Agglomerative production

  • Stabilization of the main sintering mixture ElMan
  • Stabilization of humidity of the agromerative charge PORT-1Sh

Blast furnace production

  • Control and management of the supply of charge components from bunkers to blast furnaces Salamander
  • Forecasting the distribution of batches of batch materials in the zone of the furnace top Salamander
  • Prediction and control of the supply of pulverized coal to the blast furnace Salamander

Rolling mills

  • Control of thickness, profile, rolled strip IR, RT, Profile
  • Roller wear forecast, rolled strip thickness CING
  • Control of thickness, profile, rolled strip IT3A7K

Polymer coating

  • Control of polymer coating thickness
  • Optimization of consumption of polymer coatings Chameleon-1KA